Momentum for Change

This month we are focusing on working on the right things. It is possible that the goals we set at the beginning of the year were not the right ones for us. This can be the very reason lost momentum towards our goals. How do we know what areas of our own self-development we need to work on? Click here for the full article.
Kas Winters

Converse with Family Members

The art of conversation has changed. Consider benefits of both old and new ways to exchange information and decide how you choose to handle communication with your children. It is possible to keep plenty of face-to-face talking while including electronic forms as appropriate for our youngsters. Click here for the full article.

Reduction or Persuading through Simplifying

Last month I introduced B J Fogg’s seven tools of persuasion as outlined in his book, Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do. I showed how information arrangement exploits these tools with specific reference to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (VVM). Click here for the full article.