Larry Rendon

Lure of the Superstitions

Ever wonder about hidden or buried treasure or fantasize about looking for it? Come to the Mary D. Fisher this Friday to meet author Lorenzo Rendon. Larry, as he prefers, lived in the Verde Valley for many years. He is a former United States Marine, and Alaska State Trooper. Click here for the full article.

For Sedona With Love, From the South of France

Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park is a lovely pedestrian park adjacent Bank of America on Northview in West Sedona. The park celebrates service clubs and organizations Click here for the full article.

Shaking the Blues Away with Alok Hsu Kwang-han

The day began with what was titled meditation, but is was unlike any I have ever experienced. We began by literally shaking our bodies to music, this took place for at least 20 minutes, next we danced to other music…all Asian sounding to me…then we sat in silence and lastly we were to lie down on a yoga mat to continue the meditation. Click here for the full article.

Sleep Surrender or Dream Power

“Everyone dreams each night,” she says, “and people are fascinated by them. Many important inventions and revelations have been realized in dreams.” Cynthia Richmond Dream Power Click here for the full article.

When I was a Kid

Our nightly dreams echo our current waking state feelings and emotions…they can heal us, serve us, bring us solutions and certainly they can entertain us. Happy Holidays to one and all. Click here for the full article.

Stings May Represent Hurtful Remarks

If you are in doubt or having insecure or confused feelings about the verbal stings, ask a trusted friend or family member for his or her thoughts. We can all improve by being open to personal growth. Click here for the full article.

She May Be Running From Job Stress

I’ve been having a recurring dream for about 10 years. It involves me being chased. Click here for the full article.

Dog May Point to Concern for Friendship

In my dream, I find my dog in the backyard, dead, with ants and bugs all over it. Click here for the full article.

Trying to Fight Through Tangled Webs

When you became aware that you were dreaming, that is termed Lucid Dreaming, if you do that again make an effort to control the dream, it will be easy! Have a plan for what you will do the next time that happens. Click here for the full article.

Dreams of Departed Loved Ones

The newspaper obviously relates to the news you received that day, Click here for the full article.