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Nightmare on Tonto Lane

Nightmare on Tonto Lane
October 31, 2015

Media Summary:
This Husband/Wife team loves Halloween, and we hope that it shows in our unique yard haunt! This display started in 2005, and it grows each year. The haunt features many one-of-a-kind animatronic props, handcrafted by us, in hopes of offering our visitors thrills, chills, and entertainment. There will also be a photobooth, where you can have your photo taken on-site. All of this is FREE! Our haunt runs for one night only: October 31st, from 06:00pm to 10:00pm.

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Phone:  623.252.9137 Location: 1002 E Tonto Lane Phoenix AZ  85024

psycho-pharm-az_6850Technical Summary:
The haunt consists of 95% homemade props. The props are pneumatically actuated, micro-controller controlled. There is LED lighting, a sound system consisting of a PA Amp, a Mackie Mixer, a Korg Monotribe Analog Synthesizer, a Behringer reverb pedal, a Theremin, a Akai Sample Player, two TC Helicon Real-TIme Voice Processors, and DJ software to handle the music tracks. Air lines and air tanks run throughout, as well as wiring to control the various props, and lighting. Two commercial grade fog machines with forced-air ducting and a fog chiller create a chilling appearance in the graveyard area, as well as across the entire haunt. Pretty much everything that can be motorized is, and anything that can scare the visitors does! CCTV cameras around the area are displayed at the candy table, so people can watch others as they get scared. There are some ingenious adoptions of various mechanisms and electronics, which all come together on this one night, for the sake of a good scare!



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