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Elena Risong

Elena’s Rising

Elena’s family of tobacco growers escape from Castro’s Cuba to Puerto Rico only to have her career dream to become a dancer turn to terror as she unwittingly dances her way Click here for the full article.
Pat Hicks Author
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The Mystery Play

Scientifically speaking, we are literally a mass of subatomic particles expanding and moving through our universe since the Big Bang. It is condensed into form at the whim of God to act out our purpose on Shakespeare’s “stage” in a Mystery Play. Click here for the full article.
Cheating Death

Cheating Death

He’s had several experiences where he almost died and was miraculously saved and he shares them with you in his book, Cheating Death, Click here for the full article.
Pat Hicks

Awareness a Mystifying Word

I believe as the Mystics do, that we are literally One – Waves appearing as separate, yet inseparable from the infinite universal Divine ocean of Beingness, not our puny limited egoic minds with feckless thoughts only useful to navigate us through life’s landmines of our own making. Click here for the full article.

Ever Ask Yourself, How Did I Get Here From There?

Running my life thinking it was my high school dropout pea brain doing it, like a small wave thinking I was the ocean, I finally came to an awakening: God’s Grace was always in charge, like a third base baseball coach looking over my shoulder running toward home, to an outfielder throwing the ball to the plate, and saying to me “go ahead, you can make it!” Click here for the full article.

Images of America Litchfield Park Arizona

Goodyear brought its tire-testing fleet to Litchfield, and farm equipment companies followed suit, sending engineers to design and test new machinery. Click here for the full article.

A Conversation with a Pelican

Tony’s appearance begins an extraordinary story of entrepreneur Jack Wells’ struggle against insurmountable odds from his early childhood to the founding and stewarding to international renown AMP, a music institute in Hollywood, Click here for the full article.

Emotional Martial Arts Coloring Journal

When you apply the “black-belt” tools of EMA (recognizing and validating hidden emotions, cultivating compassion and releasing limiting judgments) you realign body, mind and spirit to increase your capacity for joy, creativity, empowerment, and ultimately, inner peace. Click here for the full article.

Swinging for the Fences

How American Legion Baseball Transformed a Group of Boys Into a Team of Men Click here for the full article.
Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Sydney McCutcheon My Story

Even now I'm in the process of reaching my dreams. Click here for the full article.