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Give Yourself the Gift of Health

What is the one gift that you can give to yourself this Christmas that will also give to others? The answer is simple; your health. What ever happens to you also happens to those you love and those who love you. Your health or lack of health is experienced in one way or another by those in the sphere of your life. The gift of my health is the greatest gift I can give to my husband, children and grand children. Imagine for a moment the drama and trauma our family endured when my sister, mother and I were diagnosed with cancer in a span of two years time. For each individual that is diagnosed or living with a health condition that disrupts their life there are parents, children, siblings, friends, congregations and long distant families who are affected by the drama and trauma of one persons unfortunate health crisis. When I reclaimed my health from twelve years of chronic illness that culminated with breast cancer I also reclaimed my life and my family reclaimed rest in their souls from watching me suffer.

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Father’s Day BBQ Anytime

Of course I always serve it along with a green salad, potato salad, a muffin, and other raw foods. It’s funny how a little meat can light up the men. To this day my husband enjoys every last bit of any meat I serve. In fact he consumes meat periodically no less than once in a week along with copious amounts of plant based foods. The difference between our years of over consuming animal based foods and our simple life today is that we both agreed twelve years ago to be judicious about what kinds of foods we consume. We work together to achieve a healthy lifestyle including holidays, vacations and special occasions and make the healthy decisions Click here for the full article.