A Fabulous Awakening Introduction

~A Fabulous Awakening~
A blog and novel by Sunday Larson, of Sedona, AZ, where the fabulous never sleeps.

“When Sleeping Beauty wakes up, she’s almost fifty years old.”   Maxine Kumin

As the Fabulous Third of life begins we find ourselves longing to reconcile the life we’ve lived with the remainder of our hours, especially in midlife when the stakes are higher and the time we have is shorter. At the initiation of midlife, be it by choice or by chance, we enter the state of betwixt and between, the transformational realm where one is no longer the person they were and not yet the person they will become.

This midlife quest is a time for asking:
If I’m not who I was, who am I now?
Is there still time to make my secret dream a reality?
Or, should I risk living in regret?
Dare I stand at crossroads and again make soul-shaping choices?
Is it time to shed the corset that feels too tight?
Should I rejoin the dance?
Do I dare shine?
Will my Fabulous Third bring peace within and peace between?

In living the day to day, many of us in the ‘I Am Woman Generation’ abandoned the intrepid, truth-teller voice of our girlhood, at least for a time. Too subtle to be noticed, our plucky voice vanished into the mist like a forsaken imaginary friend, leaving behind an inexplicable sense of loss.

We became uninspired and dispirited and stopped authoring our own stories. At times we swallowed our words, even S_Larson quote 3started repeating toxic familial codes, spiritual cliches, and cultural lies. We felt invisible, inconsequential, passé. We lost sight of our IT, our plucky, truth-telling Voice, our charm of charms. Our Voice is sacred. When we know our Voice, we know our inspirited, inspired, intrepid self. When we have IT, we have everything.

Following each blog post will be a vignette from my novel A Fabulous Awakening, a sequel to the fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty, about a woman who re-awakens her creativity, re-inspires and re-inspirits her voice, re-souls her story, re-enchants her soul, and revives her abandoned plucky self.



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