5 Friends to Consider Dumping Immediately

5 Friends to Consider Dumping Immediately

Eboni Lacey 2015As we grow in age, our amount of good friends gets slimmer and slimmer. Why? Because some people are hard to trust and you really don’t need hundreds of friends anyway. If your contemplating whether you should keep certain friends around or dump them while you still can, this article should help you out. Always remember that the point of a friend is to help you become a better person. If your friend is not lifting you up, you should consider breaking ties with him or her.

# 1. The “Loosey Goosey” Life of The Party
I once had a friend in college that just loved to drink and party. She was a blast and she got invited to every party from athletes’ houses to frat parties. Then after paying close attention to her behaviors, I realized why she got invited everywhere. Basically, she was kind of a drunk “slut” and with the right amount of liquor she was up for anything – YES ANYTHING. Though things were fun in the beginning, I soon realized that hanging out with her all the time, made me appear sluty too.

Point is, that you have to be careful with people that are too “loose” with their privates. Not only can they ruin your reputation, they really can’t give you real advice unless it involves how to do power hour or have a successful one-night stand. Don’t get too close to them.

# 2. The “Side Piece”
Though it’s quite liberating hearing what it’s like to sleep with someone that belongs to someone else, it’s frankly not good practice. You wouldn’t want to be cheated on, so why support someone who’s ruining another person’s relationship? Maybe you can look the other way if it’s happened once, but if they are having a full blown affair and believe nothing’s wrong with it, you should probably not continue having a close friendship with him or her. You don’t wanna be near that karma when it comes back around.

Some people are okay with being the “side bitch” or the “boyfriend number two.” And, that’s sad. Why hang out with someone that doesn’t know their worth?

# 3. “The Hater”
Though it’s common practice for people to be jealous of one another from time to time, that last thing you need is a phony friend that’s secretly plotting for you to fail. If he or she is constantly giving you bad advice or questioning your success, they are simply too insecure to be a real friend. Real friends support one another, no matter if your life is going amazing and theirs’ is in shambles. Though all friends should be real and supporting, this is a really hard character trait to find, as this Huffington Post article explains.

# 4. The “Closed Minded”
Sometimes your friends might be more conservative than you are, which is okay. But, they should still be supportive of your life decisions. If you decide to date a man that’s a little rough around the edges, or convert to a different religion for a deeper spiritual connection, your friends should support you, even if they don’t understand your reasonings. As long as everything your doing is morally good and doesn’t hinder you in the long run, your friends should not only be cool with it, but actually give you a sound ear and good advice. They shouldn’t be so close-minded that you have to over explain and constantly defend your decisions.

# 5. The “Relationship Wreaking Ball”
This is the friend that just got into a new relationship and doesn’t know how to properly balance it with friendships. This rude-ass person gloats about their new babe over and over again, without any regard to how their friends are doing or feeling. They bring their boyfriend or girlfriend everywhere, even if they were clearly not invited. They can’t make up her mind about going out with you– because they have to ask for permission first. Though you shouldn’t give up altogether on this friend, it’s clear that their minds are in other areas and they will have to learn the hard way – you should always make time for your friends. Explain this to your friend, plainly and simply. “Don’t forget about me, you selfish asshole,” for example. If they still don’t get it after a couple of heart to heart conversations, distance yourself from them until they come down back to reality. Your real friends will come back, but to the fakies – sayonara.

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