Becky Campos

Simple Surrender

Reclaiming any part of your life whether it is health related, financial, marital, parental, spiritual or relational demands more than cooperation from you, it demands complete surrender. Click here for the full article.
Marilyn and Barry

Marilyn Monroe and Barry Goldwater

In the case of Marilyn Monroe, she depended upon her friend Billy for every item in her Hollywood costume arsenal. All of her famed 20th Century-Fox costumes, Travilla designed; including the “white” pleated halter dress she wore Click here for the full article.
100 years

100 Year Celebration coming in 2017

Litchfield Park has become known for its award winning special events, concerts, festivals, and celebrations that take place over the year. Of the more than twenty events annually the City has been honored for their 25th Anniversary of Incorporation event, Christmas in the Park, Click here for the full article.
Angel Marie Monachelli

Shine On Movement

he Shine On! Movement is the practice of these tips, and learning to open up laugh and play more. When we are young being special is a good thing, until others use our specialness to make fun and feel bad about ourselves. Dwelling on these negative feeling will diminish even the brightest smile. Click here for the full article.
Boomer and the Babe

It’s time for the Revolution

Whether it is our State House or our Federal Government it is already obvious that the election is going to do nothing to make our lives easier. New leaders that made promises are already doing whatever they want to do with little regard for the average citizen in this country. They can’t agree on anything, and that is not a partisan statement. It makes no difference which side of the aisle you sit on. It is time that we take matters into our own hands now more than ever. We can no longer stand by and expect the politicians to lead. The only motivation they have is greed and power. Click here for the full article.
Peggy Marshall

Do You Want to be Happy or Right?

From making true but destructive comments to an excessive need to be right to adding too much value, we jeopardize our relationships when we don’t allow the other to be their own perfect self. Click here for the full article.

Unconditional Love

Do you demand certain things before giving your love, do you punish others when they don't give you the love you expect, do you have a hard time loving those that view the world differently from you, do you look for the love in others even when they have hurt you? It is not easy to love in this way, Click here for the full article.
Dr. Bret Wilson

Healthy Holidays

Food is an important part of holiday celebrations. You can enjoy some of your favorites and with a few modifications make better choices to be merry and not over eat. Try to eat at regular intervals, don’t avoid eating all day to “save room” for the big holiday dinner that night. Regular meals help maintain normal blood sugar levels and help avoid over eating. Click here for the full article.